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Rarebit Fiend

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Rarebit fiend. There is a later version of this dream on the archive which features animation by the. Edison 1903 dream of a rarebit fiend. The nightmares vary from the slightly off kilter to the maddeningly surreal. The fiend was played by john p.

A large number of the nemo strips used ideas recycled from rarebit fiend such as the october 31 1907 walking bed episode which was used in the july 26 1908. Dream of a rarebit fiend usage attribution 30 topics high silents mccay edison this is the earliest version of this story. It was produced by the edison studios about 1908. Directed by wallace mccutcheon edwin s.

The piece was likely inspired by porters 1906 film and. Adapted from winsor mccays films and comics of the period this film follows the established. The fiend faces the spectacular mind bending consequences of his free wheeling rarebit binge. Size 100 source 78 usercleaned thomas andreae usermetadataentered brian fritz usertransferred.

A prolific artist mccays pioneering early animated films far outshone the work of his contemporaries and set a standard followed by walt disney and was an american cartoonist and animator best known for the comic strip little nemo begun 1905 and the animated cartoon gertie the dinosaur. For legal reasons he worked under the pen name silas on the comic strip dream of the rarebit fiend. The rarebit fiend has a habit of eating toasted cheese before going to bed and consistently wakes up from a nightmare at the end of each piece. The edison military band performed a piece called dream of the rarebit fiend on an edison cylinder edison 9585 in 1907 written by thomas w.