Losing virginity with a friend

Losing virginity with a friend

Mar 10, - Do you remember watching "The Secret Life of the American Teenager" when it aired in ? It was ABC Family's hot new show when I was.

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Jul 8, - Yes, it's okay, and I actually recommend it (with conditions) for some people. I did it. And before going further please let me state that this is my opinion formed in Should I lose my virginity to an FWB? Jun 17, - What It Feels Like To Lose Your Virginity To Your Best Friend Your virgin mind is surprised you're this determined and you have a surprise.

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Nov 16, - Me and a friend from college have been texting a lot (sometimes dirty) but it What was it like losing your virginity to to someone your not in a relationship with?I lost my virginity to my best friend and now he won't talk to me. Serious question, is losing your virginity to a friend (someone you are not in a romantic relationship with) ever a good idea?

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Feb 28, - Losing your virginity doesn't have to be a big deal. when I think about sex, I just want it to be a stranger or a platonic friend who respects me. Oct 17, - Losing my virginity to my best friend didn't seem like such a bad choice either; there were so many horror stories about losing it to a stranger.

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Oct 22, - A couple years ago, a guy friend and I agreed that IF I hadn't met the right guy by 30, and IF I decided I wanted to just lose my virginity at that. Hello April I am a 21 year old college student living in California. I just recently lost my virginity in January. It was an agreement I came to with a.

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Jun 10, - Your virginity is sacred even if all of your friends are doing it. Wait for the “I lost my virginity with my boyfriend of six months when I was For a bit of context I'm 18 and I'm a girl. I keep going back and forth on this whole situation. I have a friend who I know wants to have sex with.

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I do not know why she asked me, there has never been any romantic feelings between us, not from her at least, and very little from me. Anyhow. I'm 23 years old and I'm still a virgin. At first I was waiting for marriage because that's what my culture and religion say. Now, I'm agnostic.

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Jun 6, - I'm a single straight guy who recently started sleeping with a longtime female friend. She was a late-in-life virgin and has a significant physical. Jun 6, - Movies teach us that when you lose your virginity, it's supposed to be a The Best Guy Friend Who You Got Drunk With and Then Things Got.